15 Things You Can Do to Help Fight Global Warming

15 Things You Can Do to Help Fight Global Warming


(A poster in a bookstore–$16.95.  If I put it up in my kitchen, is that another one?)


Heads too large, and eyes too wide,
they crowd the fringes of a smiling sun.
Grandma and Grandpa are planting a tree,
and Sally hangs her clothes on the line
while a man of some kind of color
is enthusiastically checking his tire pressure.
And everywhere, people are replacing light bulbs…

Five: Try to think of as many novel ways to sequester carbon as possible. For example, old cereal boxes filled with wood chips can make an attractive and colorful display on an unused shelf. What if instead of taking your grass clippings to the curb, you just put them in your basement? Does the shredded tissue paper in the bottom of your pocket or purse REALLY need to be cleaned out? Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Seventeen: Invite your friends to a climate-change party, and offer a prize to the guest who can can catch the most methane molecules between their fingers. Collect the methane in carefully sealed bags, then mail it to the moon.


In 2007,
Barack Obama said We can’t
solve global warming
because I fucking changed
the light bulbs in my house
It’s because of
something collective.

Now this was not
widely reported,
because the news media,
did not want
to offend their audience
by repeating the word

but say what you will
about the man

who golfed
while forty-thousand
in Florida
people marched
with a couple
around the White House
of oil and gas
demanding action

he was right about this:

In These Benighted States of America
we ain’t doin’ no fifteen things.
As long as half of the people
and half of the Congress
believe the lie
that it’s all a hoax
that it doesn’t matter
we’re not going anywhere
but down.

So let me offer you one thing,
just one:

We can stop.

We can breathe.

We can listen,
if not to the Great Father in Washington
then to the one Mother
of us all.

We can walk that path
down along the river
into the old woods,
to where the big basswood
blew over in that storm.
Collect the inner bark
like the Senecas did
and twist it into strands
like fine dark  hair;
plait the strands into braids,
then the braids to a rope,
strong and soft and supple,
then go find a man
named murdoch or koch
and use it to string him up
by his balls

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